I’m real excited about returning to the Best New Bar in Dallas,¬†Twilite Lounge in Deep Ellum. Club Wood did a gig there in November of last year and what a time we had. The place was crowded with plenty of folks up scrambling an running around doin the southern swing. Bartenders had no hassle pushin juice and the club SOUNDS GREAT! Because of that this place is great for us to play and better for you to drink, dance, n listen.

Things are generally loose with us, so here is what i think. Club Wood will start at or near 10:00 pm and play 2 one hour sets with a half hour break in-between. This will be more of a showcase gig with set lists an such. You can count on it being a spectacle for ya with plenty for your ears, eyes, an ya boogie moovah. GO CLUB WOOD!