Club Wood, Halfway Through the 5th Year

Has it really been that long?! Because Club Wood will be guests of KNON 89.3FM, this evening, I have been thinking about the Club Wood history and how we got here. I won’t bore ya with too many details but wanna give ya the story. Let’s go!

In the beginning there was me, Johnny Tone providin guitar and vocals, Mike Wood on drums and percussion, and the Sultan of Sax, Mister Mark Roberts on Alto Sax. The three of us started getting together to make music and have some fun. Early on we knew we wanted a loose vibe, members should have the freedom to come n go as they please. We wanted to borrow the spontaneity of Jazz with the energy of a Rock n Roll show.

So after about 2 years we had a steady band goin, Me, Mike Wood, The Judge, aka Jacob Frie on tenor sax,coverin’ for the Sultan of Sax who had moved outta state and Family Man, aka Joseph Reyes on trumpet, and Club Wood’s own MC of the weekend Rip Leads aka Steve Morvay on piano. Special mention must be made of Jefro Boney aka Jeff Hill of Sutcliffes fame, who can pull double duty on jaw harp and trombone. Jefro comes n goes these days and it’s always a treat to have him around.

Finally we gotta talk about the groove, the funk, the low low end. THE BASS! Kinley Wolfe, the Wolfe. Hails from Memphis, home of the blues and birthplace of Elvis. In the 70’s, the Wolfe cut his teeth playin with his buddy, Shawn Lane. The 2 of them went on to join Black Oak Arkansas. In the 80’s Kinley drove bass for Rocky Athas, Terry Glaze and Lord Tracy. 90’s took him to The Cult, American Fuse, and Jack Ingram. And now on 00’s he’s contributed to 76, and continues with the American Fuse. We are very fortunate to have him, the Wolfe!

The main focus of the band is to get to the party on time! Club Wood plays music to put the mood in the nite. The songs we choose are the songs that make us feel good. Songs to make us dance n sing.  And you know it ain’t always the song, sometimes it’s an attitude or a vibe a particular performer has, Ray Charles or James Booker, man, no matter who wrote it or played it before, those fellas made it their own every time. But I want to be very clear, we are not a tribute band. We ain’t a cover band. What we have been doin is settin’ the stage. Settin the stage an preparin you for the inevitable, Club Wood performs Club Wood at Club Wood featuring Club Wood. ya see?