My Tricknology News, New Cornputer

I got┬ácomputers. I like to pretend that I don’t but I do. I like a computer in the livin’ room for music, n movies, an internet, n videos, n pictures all on the big tv. Our family computer got all squirly a few moths ago an I just never got around to dealin’ with it. […]

Club Wood T-Shirt


Club Wood T-Shirts NOW AVAILABLE! Check ‘em out at the next Club Wood Gig! Men and Women sizing available.

October Gigs


Club Wood Live! Friday, 26, 9:00pm, Lee Harvey’s, Saturday, 27, noon, Lakewood Brewing Co, Friday, 2, 9:00-All Nite, Arcade Bar!

Naughty New Orleans, October 5, 2012

October 5, 2012, Lakewood Theater

Well, well, well, weeks n weeks ah work went into prepin for the October 5, gig at the Lakewood Theater. Our FIRST gig backing a burlesque event. We have opened the show and played through intermission for Viva Dallas Burlesque before, but this was the first time we backed the performers through the nite. Club […]

Lee Harvey’s Friday

Club Wood Live at Lee Harvey's, August 24, Friday